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They killed 10,000 pilgrims and threw them in the Zamzam well … when the Kaaba was closed and the pilgrimage banned for a full 10 years

They killed 10,000 pilgrims and threw them in the Zamzam well … when the Kaaba was closed and the pilgrimage banned for a full 10 years

 The Kaaba today was completely empty, but was this the first time ..

Mohammad Amir

 Initially this is not a sign of the hour, but rather a routine procedure to sterilize the Kaaba due to the new Corona epidemic, and until they performed this sterilization the place had to be cleared first.

Away from the exaggerated fear on the social media platforms of the image of the Great Mosque of Mecca, which is completely empty, and it suggests that the end of the world is approaching in one way or another.

But I would like to shock you that this scene has been repeated from the time of the Hajj pilgrimage in the ninth year of migration to the present day more than 40 times, in many scenes and situations in which the Kaaba was completely emptied of the worshipers, and most of it was due to epidemics such as the cholera epidemic, black plague, typhoid, and Mashri disease, among others, which In one period, it caused the death of 1,000 pilgrims daily, or even because of the Indian epidemic in 1831 AD, or political disputes such as the days of the World War, the Banu Abbas dispute, the Fatimid dispute, etc.

However, the most terrible and longest time the pilgrimage was stopped and the Kaaba cleared of visitors for a full 10 years and not just one day for sterilization, was the year 908 AD, or the so-called Carmatian attack on the pilgrims or the massacre of the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Beginning and fast Who are the Carmatians?

In the past in Iraq, a Shiite farewell named “Hamdan bin Al Ash’ath” appeared, whose fame was “Hamdan Qarmat” because he was short and had a distinct movement in the way he walked or “Bqarmat” as we say, and he was ascetic and austere and people started talking about religion so they tired him, and after a while he started He tells them about the Al-Bayt family, injustice and immorality until he formed a large fan base there, and when the invitation began to be strengthened and increased, one of his aides sent “Abu Saeed Al-Janabi” to Bahrain and Qatar until he started a new invitation there. Indeed, most of the people of Bahrain followed it and opened a new field of advocacy in Yemen, Morocco and Iran, and the followers of this new doctrine increased greatly and became a central base for them in a peaceful city in Syria.

In the year 899 AD, one of the followers of the Ismaili sect in Morocco came out called “Obaidullah Al Mahdi” and claimed that he is the eleventh Imam of the Muslims and that he is the grandson of Muhammad bin Ismail and that Muhammad bin Ismail is not the Mahdi and that they spread these words only to hide and protect him, and that Obaidullah Mahdi is the true imam, and he started He publishes his call there and sends it to the rest of the Ismaili band members until they announce that the da’wa is no longer its Ismaili name but rather “Mahdia” in his name.

Here Hamdan Qarmat and Abu Saeed Al-Janabi rejected these words, separated from him and formed a separate state based in Bahrain, Iraq, and Khurasan, especially with the invitation they started and kept its name “the State of Carmatians”. As for Obaidullah Al Mahdi, he became a base larger than the Carmatians ’base and his call spread throughout North Africa, then it moved To Egypt, it became the Fatimid state, which the essence of the Sicilian conquered with al-Mu`izz opened the religion of God.

The state of Hamdan Qarmat began to expand, and he was able to establish a large socialist state in Bahrain, Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula, and because the situation was stable between him and the Fatimids and the Carmatians, he encouraged some of the Carmatian tribes to migrate and reside in Egypt, and Hamdan Qarmat and Abu Saeed Al Janabi were able to include the Arab tribes traveling Politically, and this is because the Abbasid state neglected these tribes because the Umayyads before them were dependent on Arabs in the army and had money and positions, but when the Abbasid state arose, tribal revolts took place on them, and this led to the deliberate neglect of the Abbasids, and made large tribes join the quram Even it became the backbone of the army itself.

The Carmatian tribes entered Egypt in the form of immigrant tribes, and they resided there politically for the Carmatian state politically and the Fatimid religiously, and this is because the Carmatians managed to establish a successful socialist, revolutionary state against the Abbasid and Fatimid intervention, their eating of what they planted and the money was distributed equally to them, and they estimated that they created a kind of social justice between Each other, reclaiming lands and cultivating and imposing taxes on the Abbasids themselves after their weakness.

  So when did the events start ..؟

In the year 908 AD, the Carmatian state took a revolutionary curve during the era of Ibn Abu Saeed Al-Janabi “Abu Taher Al-Janabi”, the curve that they call demolition for construction as they call it in Europe.

In the sense that the resistance against the Abbasids and the Fatimids made Abu Saeed al-Janabi in Bahrain convinced of the principle of destroying everything so that we can build everything again correctly, so he and his companions repeated in many sermons the necessity of destroying the Kaaba in order to push the time to show the awaited Mahdi “Muhammad bin Ismail” and then strengthen their state Islam is victorious, and it is upon him that he began to make the plan, and the plan was the attack on Mecca during the Hajj season.

In the year 908 AD, Abu Taher al-Janabi collected his army from Bahrain and Qatar from the tribes loyal to him, and moved the Makkah side of Al-Ahsa as one of the pilgrims to allow him to enter as a Muslim who would like to perform the Hajj rite, rather than occupying it militarily, and on their way to Mecca they stormed villages, killed men and raped Women plundered money, then set fire to their children, women, and elderly people before they left the village, and the greatest damage was to Basra in Iraq for 17 days of abuse, torture, murder, and rape, until they actually reached Mecca.

 .. And when they entered Makkah, the calamity started 

First: They entered with flags bearing the words “We want to bless those who have been weakened in the land, and make them imams and make them the inheritance of the story, and the legacy of them was from the context of the Qur’an.

And when they reached the Kaaba, they began insulting the prophets loudly with ugly words, then they brought out their swords as they cried and attacked the pilgrims and began killing all the pilgrims, whoever prays, who is standing, who is asleep, and who is awake, so that the blood drowns the plate of the Kaaba as if it were a torrent.
Historians have mentioned that the death toll reached 30,000 pilgrims on this day. Imagine the number !! It was a genocide in the literal sense, a bloody killing in the holiest place in front of the Kaaba, and the problem was that it was killing and mocking, and it was killing by stalking so much that those who escaped from the pilgrims in the mountains, valleys and bushes were chasing him and killing him even if he left Mecca itself.

From the large number of corpses they were dumped on top of each other, until mountains of corpses piled up in front of the Kaaba, so that Abu Saeed al-Janabi instructed them to throw the corpses in the well of Zamzam and indeed they did so until the lake was filled with the end of the corpses and body parts. The door of the Kaaba and called with the loudest voice, “Whose king is today?” No one wanted to laugh and said, “I am God, I create creation, and I will destroy them.” He grabbed his sword and started killing pilgrims laughing and mocking and saying, “Believe them in fear” and laughs, then repeats after “what he believes in us from our fear” and then completes his laugh amid murder and slaughter.

The voice of shouting in the nave of the Kaaba was breaking the ears, thousands of pilgrims were killed and bloodshed in day and night, Abu Taher looked at his face to the Kaaba and defiled it, i.e. he urinated on it while saying to his soldiers, “Where are the camel birds, where are the elephants, where are the elephants” and then the soldiers laugh.

 The soldiers continued to slaughter the pilgrims, then pulled their bodies and threw them in the Zamzam well until the well was blocked, and then the well was demolished with an ax, and he threw dozens of corpses over him until he formed a mountain of corpses.

After that he went to the Kaaba with a number of his soldiers, and ordered them to strip them and take their clothing, and they started to implement his orders with their swords and they continued to cut the Kaaba and hit it until they pulled them all out and completely stripped the Kaaba and plundered the cladding to themselves, then Abu Taher began to knock by force at the door of the Kaaba and asked where is the Lord of this house? After that he ordered his soldiers to take off the door of the Kaaba, and the soldiers actually hit the door, dismantled it, and took it with them. As for Abu Taher, he entered the Kaaba and defiled it while reading verses from the Qur’an, and there were treasures, jewelry, and gifts from the kings of the world within the Kaaba, and collected and stole them.

As for his soldiers, they carried the door of the Kaaba to put on their horses, singing loudly: Where are the stones of Shajeel? Where are the camel birds, then they laugh and run over the bodies. Abu Taher did not stop at this level of criminality. Rather, he gathered the women pilgrims who were at the house of God at Hajar Ismail next to the Kaaba, and he ordered the soldiers to rape them publicly, brutally, and when they ended, he ordered them to cut off their throats and throw them in the well of Zamzam.

Abu Taher searched for the abode of Abraham until he stole it, but the people of Mecca were able to hide it when he asked them about the location of the shrine and refused to tell him he committed a heinous massacre in the reefs of Makkah and killed thousands of them at once, then they looted the black stone, the cladding, and they built Kaaba for themselves in Al-Ahsa, and set aside One of the places they called Arafat, and another place they called Mona, and they cut the pilgrims ‘path and instructed them and the residents of Al-Qatif to perform Hajj for the Kaaba of the Carmatians, and when the Muslims refused to massacre them and ordered the soldiers to cut the pilgrims’ path and protect those who come to his Kaaba, and slaughter those who go to the Kaaba of God.

As for the people of Al-Qatif, they were also slaughtered, even religious scholars. They killed Al-Hafiz Abu Al-Fadl Bin Hussein Al-Jaroudi, and they killed Sheikh Al-Hanafiya in Baghdad, Abu Saeed Ahmad Bin Hussein Al-Baradi, Abu Bakr Bin Abdullah Al-Rhawi, Ali Bin Babawi Al-Sufi, Abu Ja’far Muhammad Bin Khalid Al-Baradi and other famous preachers.

And they continued this murder and criminality for 17 whole days after the first day in the massacre, and the number of deaths inside the Kaaba and in Mecca in general increased to a number that is difficult to imagine, until they returned to Bahrain again with the Black Stone, and the Black Stone remained with them for a full 22 years, but they are in Their way to Bahrain was followed by the Emir of Mecca, and with him the people of his house and his soldiers, and he joined them in the middle of the road, and asked him to leave them and offered them to return the stone in his place in exchange for the money that he and his household owned, but Abu Taher did not agree, and clashed with the Emir of Mecca until his soldiers entered and killed the Carmatians of the Prince of Mecca and the people of His house and soldiers, and they completed their path.

 What happened after this massacre ?

The state of fear that the Carmatians caused to Muslims in this period and cut the path of the pilgrims made a country like Iraq and the Levant prevent the pilgrims from sending to Mecca, and the pilgrimage itself stopped for a full 10 years, imagining a whole decade without the obligatory pilgrimage and the bowl of the Kaaba completely empty even from a passerby, even if the pilgrimage had He actually returned after 10 years, the black stone was not with them, and the rituals were not complete, so how do the pilgrims?

Too many successors tried to return the Black Stone, including the ruler by the command of God who threatened them with death, and the successor of Iraq who offered them 50 thousand dinars, this is not the war and conquest attempts that all failed to restore the stone, and every time they were offered money but they rejected them on the pretext that they had uprooted it Because this is their mood and they will return it whenever they like themselves.

After 22 years, until people were persuaded, they took the stone and suspended it in the seventh cylinder of the Kufa Mosque for Saad bin Abi Waqqas, until the able caliph eventually managed to persuade them to return the stone for 30,000 dinars and until they fulfilled the people’s argument, at which time the Qarmatian ruler was Abu Tahir Suleiman bin Abi Saeed Al-Hussein Al-Janabi, son of Abu Saeed, and he agreed to this demand and ordered one of the Carmatians to return it himself and secure his soul for them and his name was “Muhammad Bin Sanbar Al-Qarmati”, and indeed he returned it and the Muslims rejoiced at that time with this achievement, and returned the Hajj after it was the forbidden house of God Completely deserted throughout these years.

As for Abu Taher, he died, grew old and became elderly, and was ill with smallpox and tortured before his death from illness until he died.

As for the Carmatians, Abu Taher gave birth to a Persian child in order to extend his influence more and said that he was the expected Mahdi, but this child was wounded by narcissism and began cursing the Prophet and the Companions and executed the notables of the state until Abu Taher ordered the execution of this son and admitted that he was deceived in it. Carmatians were affected by this event and the tribes abandoned them They got involved in war with al-Mu`izz of the religion of God and were defeated, and their influence diminished until it became only in Bahrain, but the Bahrainis seized their properties and completed a family of Bahlul and most of them died by drowning in the sea. Some of them lived in Sohag in AD Grate, and the rest are dispersed.

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