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Only 38% of aid required for Jordan Response Plan received this year

AMMAN — So far this year, Jordan has only received 38.4 per cent of aid required to finance the Jordan Response Plan (JRP) for the Syrian crisis.

According to the JRP’s website, some $954 million was delivered out of a total of more than $2.5 billion requested for 2018 under the plan, designed to support refugees and mitigate the consequences of the crisis on host communities.

Of the total amount of aid received under the plan, $229 million was allocated to support refugees, $507 million for budget support and $219 million was earmarked for local community resilience support.

The education sector’s portion of the assistance received amounted to $94 million to date, $110 million was used as support for the health sector and $95 million for social protection, according to the plan’s website.

Local governance and municipal services received $39 million, while $4.8 million was dedicated to food security and $54 million for water and sanitation projects. 

Some $180 million was allocated for livelihood support and the energy sector received $2.6 million.

The US topped the list of countries committing funds to the plan, with $402 million provided so far. Funds through the World Bank stood at $122.5 million, and the EU came in third with $91.7 million.

Funds from Germany stood at $78 million, while the UK contributed $33.8 million and Japan $19.3 million, followed by Denmark ($16.5 million) and Australia ($15.3 million).

The remainder of the assistance came from Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Poland, Malaysia and China, among others.

The JRP, which was formulated by governmental and international donor agencies, seeks to compensate Jordan for the burden it has shouldered due to regional crises. It aims at securing sufficient grants and concessional financing to address general budget needs over the next three years.

JRP aid is used to support the state budget and development projects for host communities and refugees, according to the JRP’s website.

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