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Jordan announces a package of new measures to confront Corona

الأخبار الحقيقية في الوقت الحقيقي

arabs voice – On Sunday, the Jordanian government announced a new package of measures for society and local sectors to counter the spread of the Coronavirus.

This came during a press briefing by the Minister of Health, Saad Jaber, according to decisions of the Council of Ministers, reported by the official news agency, Petra.

The measures included preventing foreign licenses for expatriate workers, stopping work permits for immigrants from abroad, and preventing licenses for foreign students studying in the Kingdom who go to countries where the disease is common.

It was also decided to stop foreign school trips, to suspend the travel of staff abroad except for the extreme necessity and with the approval of the Council of Ministers, and to continue advising citizens not to travel abroad except for the most necessary.

The Jordanian minister announced that the results of laboratory tests for the only patient infected with the Corona virus in Jordan, showed that the strength of the virus in his body is diminishing, and his progressive recovery is similar, stressing that there are no other infections.

Today, the Cabinet decided to tighten control over the border crossings, and “the land border crossings of the Kingdom are now being studied extensively,” as Jordan links land crossings with Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Palestine.

In a related context, the Jordan Basketball Association decided to freeze its activities until further notice, according to a statement, broadcast by the “Kingdom” (government) TV, on its official website.

And Jordan, like other countries in the world, took many precautions to confront the virus, as it decided to prevent non-Jordanians from entering the Kingdom’s territories, especially those coming from China, Iran and South Korea, and suspended its trips to Italy.

As of Sunday, the virus has infected more than 107,000 around the world in 104 countries and territories, of whom nearly 3,700 have died, most of them in China, South Korea, Iran and Italy, and has led to the suspension of Umrah and the postponement or cancellation of sports, political and economic activities around the world, amidst accelerated efforts to contain the disease.

الأخبار الحقيقية في الوقت الحقيقي

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