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Japanese Prime Minister pledges to provide interest-free loans to companies affected by the Coruna outbreak

arab voice – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced on Sunday that the government will launch a special program to provide interest-free loans to companies affected by the consequences of the emerging coronavirus.

“This step will be part of a second package of measures that the government intends to announce its details on Tuesday and will include providing support to workers who need to take time off from work to care for their children as schools close,” Abe added.

” Our priority now regarding helping the economy will be to protect jobs and keep companies running, ” Abe said during a government meeting to tackle the outbreak .

He continued, “We will introduce strong non-traditional measures so that small and medium-sized companies can continue to operate despite the current difficult circumstances.”

Abe pledged to focus in the next two weeks on stopping the spread of the virus in Japan after he was criticized for his handling of the crisis.

The outbreak comes at a critical time for Japan, raising the specter of negative economic growth during the second quarter of the year as the country prepares to host the Summer Olympics in July and August.

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