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US House speaker says Jordan ‘true partner’ for peace, progress

AMMAN — US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday said that Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah, is “a true partner” for peace and progress. In remarks to the press on Capitol Hill before her meeting alongside the US House leadership with King Abdullah, Speaker Pelosi said Congress looks …

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Tale of Palestinian food truck draws Hollywood star to Beirut

BEIRUT — Entrepreneur Mariam Shaar’s idea of using Palestinians’ national cuisine to provide hope and opportunity for refugee women has succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Shaar’s project “Soufra” — which means a table laden with food — drew the attention of Hollywood actress and social activist Susan Sarandon, whose documentary …

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Sudan state of emergency curbing public freedoms — minister

KHARTOUM — A state of emergency imposed across Sudan is restricting public freedoms, a minister said on Wednesday, as lawmakers discussed the measure imposed by President Omar Al Bashir to quell anti-government protests. Bashir declared a year-long state of emergency on February 22 after an initial crackdown failed to suppress deadly demonstrations …

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Social media breaks ‘wall of fear’ for Algeria protesters

Cairo — Tens of thousands of Algerians have rallied against their president’s bid for a fifth term in office, spurred on by social media which one observer says has helped “break the wall of fear”. “No to a fifth term”, “civil disobedience” and “Algeria rises up” are just some of the …

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Debts pile up as rival Libyan governments struggle for power

BENGHAZI, Libya — Libya’s parallel government in the east has sold bonds worth more than $23 billion to fund its wage bill, bypassing the central bank in Tripoli and creating a potential financial black hole if the country reunifies, bankers and diplomats said. The eastern government’s finance ministry has been …

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Algeria war veterans back protests demanding end to Bouteflika’s rule

By Lamine Chikhi ALGIERS —  Algerian war veterans said that protesters demanding ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika step down after 20 years in power had legitimate concerns and they urged all citizens to demonstrate — another sign of cracks in the ruling elite. The ongoing unrest poses the biggest challenge yet …

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Fight or flight: Extremists divided in Daesh Syria holdout

NEAR BAGHOUZ, Syria — Some want to fight till the end and others want to flee: A split is emerging among extremists as starvation grips their imploding “caliphate” in eastern Syria. Thousands of men, women and children, including hundreds of militants, are believed to be trapped in the Daesh group’s …

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Protesters challenge emergency courts in Sudan, police fire tear gas

KHARTOUM — More than 1,000 anti-government protesters demonstrated in and around Sudan’s capital Khartoum on Thursday, witnesses said, the first rallies since emergency courts were set up nationwide on Tuesday to combat more than two months of unrest. Security forces fired tear gas at about 400 protesters at Omdurman Grand …

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Syria force poised for final assault on Daesh

NEAR BAGHOUZ, Syria — Kurdish-led fighters readied on Thursday for a final onslaught against Extremist fighters who have been defending the last patch of their “caliphate” in eastern Syria. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were still struggling ,however, to cope with the influx of families pouring out of Baghouz, the Islamic State group’s …

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Kushner discusses Mideast peace with Saudi rulers

RIYADH — White House Adviser Jared Kushner held talks with Saudi Arabia’s king and crown prince during a regional tour to rally support for a long-awaited Middle East peace proposal, US officials said on Wednesday. Kushner’s meeting on Tuesday with King Salman and his son Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was …

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