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الرئيسية / Sawt Al Arab / Film “Jaber” … the issue of public opinion … and the sovereignty of the state … opens the door to draw national questions to answer from the government, “D.alersaz”

Film “Jaber” … the issue of public opinion … and the sovereignty of the state … opens the door to draw national questions to answer from the government, “D.alersaz”

 Rasmi Mahasneh: Arabs Voice –  Amman


In the case of a film project, “Jaber”, came to enter the government on the line, under the guidance of the Prime Minister “d. Razzaz, “and a statement to the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications, and with respect to the minister a statement about the absence of a new approval of the director,” Muhyiddin Quandour “photography, the authorization granted by the Royal Film Commission, it has not canceled originally, and thus can photography at the time he wants, while directing Prime Minister of the media Commission, and the Royal Film Commission, this it enters the bureaucratic governments, especially since both bodies is not the two specialist who can evaluate the scenario, this at a time initiated by the Jordanian artists Association commissioned a specialized committee, and it issued a statement, carries every nuance to expose content scenario. not Where Wa’el “state sovereignty” when left in front of those who want to forfeit photography, without any restrictions, arguments worthless “tourism promotion, and attract filmmakers ….

The film “Jaber” judgment brings us to the repeated attempts, from here, from the inside, to devote biblical narratives in lying, fraud and forgery, in the theater in the past year, the play “Jacob’s ladders,” which has taken the right and the Minister of Culture and Youth “d. Mohammed Abu Rumman, “a bold decision to stop her from participating in the Jordan..from Jacob Theater Festival to Jaber, it is clear that there are those who works in the same Zionist malice Baltae on biblical accounts, creating false facts originally, to be a card in the hands of the Zionists against Jordan and Palestine.

Quiet reading of the script, and away from the emotion, it is clear that the film wants to use the power of cinema, as audio-visual, on the unconscious recipient and conscience, and passes to “give the impression” that the Jews lived long in Jordan “Petra..South

Jordan”, and left civilization, of the effects that “stone” labeled as “Hebrew”, according to the scenario, it is part of a large rock, and this type of rock there is only in Egypt – this rock does not belong to this country – according to the film scenario, “any impression and a report that” the Jews came out with Moses from Egypt to Jordan, they set up a long “civilization” and left traces consequent right Them in Jordan. Thus, the film decides Zionist dream of finding anything that helps them to stretch to achieve the dream state “from the Nile to the Euphrates.”

The film adopts a scenario of historical inaccuracies, creating a new history of serving Zionism, the script revolves around the stone they found in Petra, and engraved in Hebrew, in the intimation that “Petra” Jewish. Arab scenario wears the names of biblical significance to prove the existence of the Jews in the first centuries in Jordan .with note that many of the scholars of history, archaeology and excavations “, including Jews,” proved the invalidity of the Zionists suit the existence of the alleged temple, we offer free fake service to the Zionists.

The film is not only in this circle, but goes to a broader circle include Jordan, when he says the scenario, that Jesus headed east, and spread the Christian religion from Jordan, and that three of the tribes settled in Jordan, and acknowledges the scenario that Jordan is a holy land, and are therefore covered by the “promise Divine “to the children Asiraial.ouhsp scenario” the Holy land is not simply Israel or Palestine … but it is Jordan as well. “

Is no longer necessary revenue further evidence that suggest Backside movie, but the government, and quickly, to issue instructions firm, not to grant a permit for filming in Jordan, only after confirming implementation scenario, and do not fall into the trap of promoting Jordan tourism, it does not mean nothing in front of the enemy has already on the falsification of religions, and the falsification of history, and the drafting of religion to serve the Zionist ideas, and we hope that our government knows that the Jewish hatred of Jordanians is not recent, but is from the era of our forefathers Nabataeans, found Mica, who expelled the Jews from the region, and to make laws preventing investment and acquisition of foreigners in a Kulaim Petra specifically, because the Zionists since the time of trying to foist fake excavations, prove their right to Jordan. Does the government take the initiative to do something in this direction ?? we will see.

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