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Dozens protest Income Tax Law, economic policies near Prime Ministry

AMMAN — Dozens staged another rally on Saturday, near the Prime Ministry at the Fourth Circle, to protest against the new income tax bill and economic policies.

Saturday’s rally was the second in a series of similar events planned by young activists to protest against the 2018 amendments to  the income tax law, which were recently endorsed by the two houses of Parliament.

Protesters chanted slogans calling for abolishing the new tax and combating corruption. 

A considerably larger rally was staged on Friday which was called for by the “Maanash” campaign. The rally saw the participation of a few hundred protesters, who demanded the withdrawal of the new income tax law from parliament.  

“#Maanash”, (in English “we don’t have”), was said to be the driving force behind the massive rallies at Amman’s Fourth Circle, near the Prime Ministry, and in other parts of the country in June. The previous protests were against the 2018 amendments to the Income Tax Law by the government of former prime minister Hani Mulki. 

A “Maanash” member previously told The Jordan Times that less people were expected to participate in the new rallies, attributing the reason to the weather and “Jordanians’ feeling of despair”. 

Requesting anonymity, the activist said that June’s protest saw more participation because it was during Ramadan, when it was hot and people stayed awake until the late hours of the night, unlike now, when it is cold at night. 

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