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أرشيف يوم: 9 مارس، 2020

A Chinese study reveals serious information about the Corona virus that contradicts the doctors ’beliefs

arab voice – A study conducted by a team of Chinese government epidemiologists revealed the ability of the new Coronavirus “Covid 19” to stay in the air for at least 30 minutes. Scientists have also found that the new virus can transmit up to 4.5 meters, more than twice the safe distance …

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ءAl-Masri writes in response to Netanyahu: A solid Jordanian people … An immortal homeland that will not grow old

Taher Al-Masri arab voice – Certainly the people of these Jordanian countries did not stop expressing the forms of their presence embedded in this land and its successive times. Over the course of thousands of years and throughout the ages, the people of this country have been creating deep roots in …

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Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk survived an assassination attempt in Khartoum

Khartoum – arab voice – Sudanese TV said that Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk survived, on Monday, an assassination attempt in the capital, Khartoum. The television added that Hamdouk was taken to a safe place. In addition, the Sudanese media office said, that “the prime minister is in good health after his assassination …

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ابنة محمد بن راشد طلبت حمايتها من الشرطة البريطانية.. ومطالبات بالتحقيق في دور الأمن بخطفها إلى دبي

صوت العرب – وكالات – انتشرت مطالبات بإجراء تحقيقات مستقلة في الدور الذي قامت به وزارة الخارجية وشرطة مقاطعة كامبريدج بعد السماح بتوقف تحقيقات في واقعة السماح باختطاف أميرة من شارع بريطاني. اختُطفت الأميرة شمسة آل مكتوم، وفق تقرير صحيفة The Guardian البريطانية قبل عقدين على يد رجالٍ يعملون لصالح والدها الشيخ …

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Newspaper: Saudi Arabia releases ex-interior minister and father, but arrests of princes will increase

arabs voice – The American Wall Street Journal , Sunday, March 8, 2020, stated that the Saudi authorities released two princes who were arrested in a campaign of arrests of princes after being accused of planning a coup against the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, while the Washington Post reported that the princes were imprisoned …

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They summoned him to meet the king and then arrested him .. Details of the private meeting between King Salman and his brother Prince Ahmed regarding the crown prince

arab voice – Middleeasteye revealed,  through unnamed sources, that Prince Ahmed, the youngest of King Salman’s brothers, was given a last chance, after years of opposition, to join the campaign to support Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s coming to power and grant him all powers, but he refused, as the offer came to him …

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البيان الصحفي لجائزة الشيخ حمد للترجمة والتفاهم الدولي.. الموسم السادس، 2020

صوت العرب : قطر. من بيت الحكمة إلى مدرسة الألسن، كانت الترجمة نافذة الثقافة العربية على العالم، تتلمس من خلالها المعرفة أينما وجدت، فترجمت أنواع الكتب إلى العربية في شتى الميادين: من حكمة الهند وتراث فارس شرقًا، إلى فلسفة اليونان غربًا. وقد اتسمت مسيرة الترجمة في ثقافتنا العربية والإسلامية بتشجيع …

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Coronavirus “Developed Itself” … Warning of a New “Fierce” Strain

  arab voice – In light of the world’s efforts to combat “Corona”, a Chinese study revealed that the emerging virus has developed itself at least once recently, which means that there are probably two types of it now. The study, in which researchers from the School of Life Sciences at Peking University and …

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