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أرشيف يوم: 8 مارس، 2020

On her international day, a human rights center calls for providing protection for Palestinian women

arab voice – On Sunday, a Palestinian human rights center called on the international community to provide protection to Palestinian women, in light of Israeli violations, conditions of internal division, and societal violence. This was stated in a statement of the “Al-Mizan Center for Human Rights” (non-governmental), on the occasion of …

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A sharp rise in deaths … Italy’s hardest hit by Corona after China

arabs voice – Rome –  The situation in Italy is getting worse day by day due to the new Corona virus, as the authorities announced, on Sunday, that it recorded 133 new deaths, so that this sharp increase in the death toll is the most affected country after China. With …

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Biden: If Trump remains another 4 years, our planet will be lost

arab voice – Former US Vice President, potential presidential candidate Joe Biden, has said that keeping current President Donald Trump in power for a new term of office is affecting world safety. Former US Vice President, potential presidential candidate Joe Biden, has said that keeping current President Donald Trump in power for a …

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Corona kills 133 Italians in one day and the toll rises to 366

arab voice – Italy announced that the number of corona virus deaths today increased by 133 deaths, which is the largest daily increase since last month, bringing the number of deaths to 366. “Reuters” quoted the Italian Civil Protection Agency in Italy on Sunday announcing that the number of coronavirus deaths in …

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Syria stops all visits and trips of all kinds with Jordan and Iraq

arab voice – The Syrian government decided to stop all trips and visits to and from Jordan and Iraq for a month, including religious visits and trips due to the fear of the spread of the new Corona virus. Transfer site “home Online” that the Syrian Council of Ministers decided to suspend visits and trips …

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Chinese scientists warn: Corona injuries will rise 10-fold every 19 days

arab voice – A study conducted by a team of Chinese scientists revealed that the number of new cases of new global coronavirus – with the exception of China – could increase by 10 times every 19 days, if no strict measures were taken to contain its spread. The study, which …

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Jordan announces a package of new measures to confront Corona

arabs voice – On Sunday, the Jordanian government announced a new package of measures for society and local sectors to counter the spread of the Coronavirus. This came during a press briefing by the Minister of Health, Saad Jaber, according to decisions of the Council of Ministers, reported by the …

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The Saudi Stock Exchange lost 197 billion dollars in Sunday’s session

arab voice – The Saudi Stock Exchange, the largest in the region, lost 739 billion riyals ($ 197 billion) of its market value during the Sunday session. This came in conjunction with the failure of the (OPEC +) coalition in agreeing to extend the agreement to reduce oil production, until after …

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Corona .. Italy imposes quarantine on 14 cities

arab voice –  Roma – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the quarantine of 14 cities as a whole, as part of measures taken to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus in the country. Conte said, in a press statement, that the country’s authorities have tightened entry and …

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الأمم المتحدة مظلة لحماية مجرمي الحرب

  محمود القداح –  صوت العرب – لطالما سمعنا وقرأنا عن مجازر بشرية ارتكبها أناس بحق آخرين من أبناء جنسهم لأسباب متنوعة  دينية أو عنصرية أو طائفية إلى آخر ما هنالك، ستبقى بحق وصمة عار في جبين الإنسانية على مر الأزمان والدهور لا يمكن لأحد تبريرها ولعلها عزيت إلى بدائية …

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