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أرشيف يوم: 6 فبراير، 2019

هل يجهّز “بن زايد” لبناء أكبر كنيس يهودي في جزيرة العرب؟

صوت العرب – ابوظبي – تواصل دولة الإمارات محاولاتها للظهور في مقدمة الدول الراعية لـ”التسامح” و”التعايش”، الذي غاب عن سياساتها مع دول عربية عدة، في وقت يتهمها مراقبون بدعم انتشار أديان أخرى غير الإسلام في منطقة الجزيرة العربية. ففي خطوة جديدة لما أسمته التقارب بين الأديان الإبراهيمية (الإسلام والمسيحية واليهودية) دشن …

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الأردن: تراشق بزجاجات المياه بين الحباشنة والشوابكة بسبب سؤال في البرلمان (فيديو)

تسبب سؤال أحد النواب في البرلمان الأردني حول مبالغ يتقاضاها قضاة ومدّعون عامّون مقابل مكافآت نظير أعمال قضائية لهم في العقبة، في إثارة ضجة وتراشق بالزجاجات بعد غضب أحد النواب. وبحسب شبكة ميديا نيوز الاخبارية ، فقد طرح النائب محمد الرياطي خلال جلسة النواب أسماء قضاة ومدعين عامين، قال إنهم …

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Trump pushes withdrawal from ‘endless’ Afghanistan, Syria wars

WASHINGTON — Pushing back against Republican opposition, US President Donald Trump reaffirmed his determination to pull US troops out of ‘‘endless wars’’ in Syria and Afghanistan, in an interview that aired Sunday. But he said they would stay in Iraq to watch Iran. Trump cited the high cost in blood and money …

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Outsider wins El Salvador presidency, breaking two-party system

Trump’s threat to cut aid a looming issue to deal with SAN SALVADOR — A former mayor campaigning on an anti-corruption ticket swept to victory in El Salvador’s presidential election on Sunday, bringing an end to a two-party system that has held sway over the violence-plagued Central American country for …

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Zimbabwe teachers strike patchy as reprisals feared

Rising prices and unemployment affect economy of country HARARE — Some Zimbabwean teachers stayed at home while others went slow on the job as a strike at state schools got off to a patchy start amid fears of further intimidation by security forces who cracked down hard on last month’s …

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Photographers in Iraq’s Mosul snap dark days, bright futures

By Raad Al Jammas MOSUL, Iraq, (AFP) — Ashraf Al Atraqji carefully stepped around tufts of weeds sprouting in a mountain of rubble in Iraq’s Mosul, found a seat on a sun-soaked rock, and struck a pose for the photographer. Behind him stretched the ruins of the Prophet Yunus Mosque, an ancient …

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Greek PM visits Turkey for talks to ease tensions

ANKARA — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras visits Turkey on Tuesday, where he will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks to ease tensions over bilateral disputes and the long-running Cyprus problem. The two leaders are expected to discuss disputed Cyprus energy exploration, Aegean sea issues, a migrant deal and …

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After deadly Syrian battle, evidence of Russian losses was obscured

By Maria Tsvetkova and Anton Zverev YELENOVSKOYE — The last contact Grigoriy Gancherov and his wife had with their son, a Russian private military contractor fighting in Syria, was on February 4 last year. The father subsequently learned from a friend and fellow fighter of Sergei’s that the 25-year-old had died …

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Catholics in UAE greet Pope with cheers and tears

ABU DHABI — Abu Dhabi’s main stadium was a sea of yellow-and-white Vatican flags on Tuesday as Pope Francis arrived in warm sunlight to lead an open-air mass for tens of thousands of Catholics. Over 135,000 worshippers, including from war-wracked Yemen, erupted in cheers as the pontiff was driven into the …

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As US withdraws, top general warns on Daesh threat in Syria

WASHINGTON — A top US general warned on Tuesday that Daesh would pose an enduring threat following a planned US withdrawal from Syria, saying the militant group retained leaders, fighters, facilitators and resources that will fuel a menacing insurgency. The remarks by US General Joseph Votel, head of the US …

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