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15 projects selected of Cairo Film Connection 7th edition

15 projects selected of Cairo Film Connection 7th edition


: The 7 feature narratives in-development are

                                                                                          ARAB VOICE – Cairo – Egypt 

The Legend of Zainab and Noah by Yousry Nasrallah and producer Ali El Arabi (Egypt);

I Can Hear Your Voice… Still by Sameh Alaa and producer Mark Lotfi (Egypt);

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner by Mohamed Samir and producers Marwa Abdalla and Claire Chassagne (Egypt, France);

Snow white by Taghrid Abouelhassan and producer Miral El Fakharany (Egypt);

Passage by Amr Ali, produced by Hatem Ali (Syria);

Fog by Ruba Atiyeh, produced by Huda Khadhimi (Iraq/ Lebanon);

Scheherazade Goes Silent by Amira Diab, produced by Raya Aburub (Palestine / Jordan).

The post-production section includes one feature narrative project:

The Alleys by Bassel Ghandour, produced by Rula Naser, Shahinaz El Akkad and Yousef Abd Al-Nabi (Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia).

The 4 documentary projects in-development phase are:

Olfa’s Daughters by Kaouther Ben Hania, produced by Nadim Cheikhrouha and Habib Attia (Tunisia – France);

Flying Like a Bird by El Mahdi Lyoubi, produced by Hicham Fallah (Morocco – France);

Tell Them About Us (Jordan – Germany) by Rand Beiruty;

Caesar (Tsar) by Widad Shafakoj and produced by Eric Angelson and Widad Shafakoj (Jordan-USA).

The 3 documentary projects in post-production are:

Before the Final Picture by Aya Tallah Yusuf, produced by Kesmat El Sayed (Egypt);

The Last Projectionist by Alex Bakri, produced by May Odeh and Thomas Kaske (Palestine – Germany);

Iraq Invisible Beauty by Sahim Omar, produced by Ali Raheem, Jurgen Buedts, Catherine Siméon and Nick Ware (Iraq -Belgium – France).

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